Pennine Way Pilgrimage

Created by Isabella This event has closed


Nia and I will be taking a two day hike on the Pennine Way before arriving in Leeds on the 20th March. Our 28 mile hike from Edale to Marsden, is in honour of Alex - our pilgrimage of thanks for all that he gave us in our friendships with him. We appreciate any support, financial or emotional, along the way.



March 31st, 2020
Unfortunately, Nia and I have had to postpone this walk until the future looks a little more clear. We will definitely continue to do this hike in honour of Alex so please if you can support us, do. We'll let everyone know when we are able to get out to the peak district for our hike, and in the meantime, I hope everyone is safe and well.

Nia's Post

March 9th, 2020
In amongst the outpouring of support for Alex, his family and Meningitis Now, me and Isabella Hawkes would like to do our bit. I am flying from Canada back to the UK to be there for the funeral and so I have limited time to attend the many events that are taking place already. So we have decided to tackle the hardest hike in the Peak District, naturally. I arrive in London on the Tuesday before the funeral and then Bella and I embark on our 2-day hike on the Wednesday. The trail is called the Pennine Way and we will hike the first part of it, starting in Edale and finishing in Marsden with an overnight stop in Crowden along the way. I knew I needed some time out in nature to process my grief and had fully planned to go it alone and in silence. As I was telling Bella my plan and we shared in our emotions surrounding Alex's death I came to the conclusion that maybe I didn't need to tackle this hurdle by myself and that maybe letting my best friend in and supporting each other through this time might actually be more beneficial for my mental health. So that's when this lone wolf became a wolf pack. I remember Alex telling me stories of the pilgrimages through Italy that him and his family used to do, the amazing food and wine they encountered along the way and the incredible stories they emerged with on the other side. This is our pilgrimage to Alex himself, in honour of the amazing food and wine he brought into our lives and the incredible stories that have emerged from our short-lived but enriching friendship. We will be eternally grateful for any support, financial or emotional, along the way. If you can, please donate using the link below. Peace & love to you all ❤️